Friday, May 24, 2013

Beagle - small destroyers?

Each potential buyer Beagle, as well as long-term owner of this dog often met with the statement that it is very destructive race!

Beagle dogs are more powerful than the nature of their stature. This breed belongs to the group of hounds. Beagle hasn’t only cunning, endurance, intelligence, but also inexhaustible energy. As a hunting dog by nature and living in a pack doesn’t like the long hours of solitude. Unfortunately, as a rule, isn’t  for lonely people,  it loves a lot of work and  is very active.

Having a friend like this carries various implications and requirements. First of all they need a lot of traffic, and any occupation. These dogs don’t  like to idle. Every day it has to spend at least an hour in an active walk. If we treat it appropriately  they rewarded for their needs as best we can.

Being aware of the above, we are already half way to avoid unpleasant situations. Our pet should be trained regularly to remain alone in the house. Initially, leave it for 10 minutes, then lengthen the time segments, respectively. Coming out of the house to say goodbye to tenderly we do with this tragedy, not comforted by the dog, we just natural tones such as "home guard" and leave. We leave him toys or even the radio on to reduce the feeling of loneliness. Returning after an absence not welcome with the dog on the doorstep, but somehow let it cool down. It took a moment pat the dog for good behavior and give something as a reward. Key to the dog understands that he has to wait for us without anxiety.

We have to reckon with the fact that the dog is left in the house - even for 15 minutes, especially the young dog can destroy something. Once left for 5 hours will not touch anything, it will politely asleep. Another time - just 15 minutes enough to destroy everything as well as you won’t  know your own home.

So please be careful before you buy your own dog and tray to prepare for a lot of funny, amazing, but also annoying moments!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Toys for dogs!

The fact that the dog needs toys - especially the home dog shouldn’t  surprise anyone. Dogs who live in the home garden have a lot of traffic and their time is completed. But, home dogs are bored, they sleep more and still eat as much as no more like other dogs. Furthermore, such a dog that is bored at every opportunity when it can unload - do it. So he jumps on your guests and don’t know at this moderation.

An important thing that we should be guided in choosing the right toys is the age of the dog. Dog who jag need toys that will help him survive itching gums, without prejudice to the condition of our furniture. Discouraged are the toys used for so-called drag. They can have an effect on the deformation of a dog bite.

For older dogs definitely going to need durable toys. Adult dog has a strong bite and strong teeth, which in less than fifteen minutes cope with plush mascot. I also recommend toys which can put treats inside. Dog while rotating toys can bring them to the center, which encourages him to continue playing.

I’m adding some photos of toys for dogs. I’m very interesting, what is your favorite toy for dog and is your dog agree with you. I’m waiting for your comments.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Dogs in the fashion world

fot. William Wegman

A few days ago the media published photos of the latest collection of the Swedish fashion brand - Acne Studios. Of course, my blog isn’t dedicated to fashion, but at the pictures which promote well-known brand were surprisingly not models, but the dogs. Is that an exaggeration? Certainly, the advertising campaign will be remembered for years to come because of the unusual models. The question is whether using of defenseless animals to promote a product, in this case it was necessary?

William Wegman - author of the photographs created for Acne Studios seven portraits depicting dogs in outfits from the latest collection of the Swedish brand. Dogs present such suits, shoes, hats and other accessories. Although this isn’t the first such campaign, but portals emphasize the artistry of fashion images. They say that dogs - pointers Weimar in every picture look like dandies of fashion world.

fot. William Wegman

I’m not sure that dogs were happy wearing this clothes. What’s more, for me – dogs could be replaced with human models. Judge for yourself. Btw, I fall in love in this breed of dogs, I will write about them as soon as possible.

fot. William Wegman

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Miniature dogs

Miniature dogs look like toys, touch deeply or even raise a smile on people face. Seeing the little quadrupeds, many people forget that despite its small size, it’s still a dog. They are more prone to disease, easier to hurt and sometimes live less.

Many people looking for a small dog, but they aren’t aware that the popular miniature york or maltese, as a race, don’t exist. Unfortunately, the demand for the smallest dogs made that man for profit began experimenting with genetics. The human impact makes the subsequent litters of dogs can be born smaller and smaller. They are also genetically poorer. It’s often forgotten, too, that such experiments tragically affect not only the appearance of the breed (quality, or robe, and her coat), but also on the health of dogs. So before you decide on a specific breed, let's see how looks its normal pattern.

Although it’s fashionable, especially among celebrities wearing thumbnails on four legs in a coat pocket or purse cache, show friendly feelings of the smallest dogs in the world can end up being quite scary for them. Dogs are often weak and should not be propagated. Sometimes they are infertile. Experts often refer to them as "a hotbed of diseases" and the genetic defects that may appear even after several years. For the owners of such dogs may mean that they can expense a lot of money for a treatment of dog. Cancer, dysplasia, allergies, malocclusion... these are just some of them.

But we all know that the advantage of having a miniature dog may be the fact that it makes no problems when we are traveling. It doesn’t need a lot of space and the owners of hotels often agree on the presence of four-legged thumbnails in your property. The only problem may be that it tend to be noisier than the larger breeds. Their barking can really bother you, but at home they can be better than an alarm.

The most important is that they are the most charming and the cutest dogs in the world. They can seduce even people with the most hardened hearts!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Beagle is one of the oldest breeds of hounds. The history of the smallest of the hounds isn’t entirely clear. We don’t know exactly where they’re ancestors came from. Some researchers believe that the beagle comes from ancient Greece, where he reached France. The second theory is that the ancient Romans in Britain - they found a hunting dog similar to a beagle. Hounds are one of the breeds of dogs, over the years related to the British royal court. Beagle had Elizabeth I, William III and George IV.

In the UK, Beagle Lovers Club was founded in 1895 and a few years later, these dogs have appeared in the United States. The most common representative of this breed of dog is "Snoopy" comic book character from the comic strip "Peanuts" (Peanuts). Beagle also had U.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson.

Beagle is very docile and obedient, but a little stubborn. It’s still used for hunting rabbits and hares. Beagle is now primarily a family dog as man's faithful companion. Excellent nose beagle is our only problem, paradoxically, when we decide to keep it as a family dog (home). Please note that if the beagle encounters an interesting scent, such as rat, rabbit or shopping neighbor took nose to the ground and will follow the trail, and rarely can be appealed. 

Beagle easily adapts to life in the family. This dog is calm, loyal and friendly. It’s social and there are no major problems in dealing with strangers, which, however, advertises, giving a loud voice. Beagle is also sociable and tolerant towards other dogs. The dog usually don’t accept, however, other animals, especially small ones. Problem may be keeping beagle with a cat, and a total disaster will tandem beagle + mouse, guinea pig or a hamster. All of these small animals are likely to quickly become a tasty snack for the beagle.

Beagle characteristic is the lack of any kind of aggression, it is so perfect companion for children, which is significantly tireless companion, taking part in all of their dealings. It’s cheerful, affectionate, loves to play and adapt to any situation, but also easily offended and do not forget injuries. Beagle is very greedy and should always control the amount of food eaten by the dog, because the dog will consume any amount of food. 

This is a healthy breed of dog, but they can suffer from infections or weakening of the immune system and disease as a result of genetic factors. Due to the long, hanging ears, beagles are prone to bacterial or fungal infections of the parts of the body and require careful maintenance. 

Beagle may be the first dog in the family, but his upbringing isn’t quite so simple. From a young age to act consistently with it. It requires a lot of patience, and meaningful activities. The hardest trick is to learn beagle coming on command, because he still has a strong hunting instinct and his only passion is hunting. This dog doesn’t show the full readiness to obey. It’s an independent, self-reliant and has a tendency to vagrancy.

Sunday, March 31, 2013

How to become a vet?

I wrote to you a lot about veterinary medicine. But it’s worth to consider is it worth to be a veterinarian? The common opinion is that these studies are very heavy, like medicine.

In Poland, to be a vet, you need to graduate from 5.5 years studies. Until recently, you could only do it at 6 universities, but more and more colleges introduces a new field of study-veterinary medicine. Starting this year, you can even study veterinary medicine at the Jagiellonian University - the most famous Polish University.
The world situation is similar, veterinary studies are very difficult to study and the recruitment process  is very demanding. In the United States there are 28 accredited veterinary schools and quite possibly, it's harder to be accepted than the medicine. However, it also created new faculties of medicine which give opportunities to find college. I once dreamed to study veterinary medicine at Harvard, but unfortunately I didn’t succeed.

Each country offer opportunities to become a veterinarian. In England, students can learn veterinary for example: at the University of Cambridge or in the Liverpool, in Scotland at the University of Glasgow, in Ireland at the University of Dublin, in Germany, at the University of Berlin. These are of course examples - and if you want more information please contact me.

It’s correctly that veterinary medicine is growing. Animals (including dogs) are in highly developed countries members of family and they need doctors! It's important  not to overdo it and don’t  make the elite veterinary direction into further studies for the unemployed.

If someone loves animals and wants to tie his future is with the treatment of animals, must be prepared to study hard and demanding, but it’s worth it! The vet is a well paid job and you can earn a lot. Of course, it all depends on where you will work and which country, but at least as long as the lack of job offers are not going to complain. Market needs veterinary graduates.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Dogs on board of the Titanic

Each of us have heard about the history of the ship'' Titanic'', even in one of the most successful movies in the world with the same title. Only few of us, however, know that the luxury ship sailed not only humans, but also dogs! At the time of the tragic collision with the iceberg, on board of Titanic was in addition to the more than 2,200 passengers and 12 dogs.

Dogs on the Titanic were among the passengers of the first class, because only they were allowed to enter them on board. Most of them were purebred dogs and some were even insured. With photos and reports of rescued passengers know that on the Titanic traveling: poodle, terrier, French bulldog, Airedale terrier, dog German, two King Charles spaniels and two Pomeranians and Pekingese. Small dogs remained with the owners of the cabins and the others were kept in pens.

Several times a day the members of the crew were putting animals on the promenade deck. The dog parade so appealed to passengers that specifically went out on deck to watch them. On Monday April 15 was planned dogs exhibition.

When the night of 14 to 15 April 1912, people in panic, leaving the ship, even if the dogs accompanied them, had no chance to survive in the frigid waters of the ocean. About the fate of the little known, but circulating on this topic many legends. One of the sailors of Titanic was supposed to release dogs from their cages when the ship sank. On the other hand, one of the passengers had refused to descend to a lifeboat without her Great Dane. Also told that someone saw the frozen body of one of the passengers, which included his beloved dog. Rumor also passed down the story of Newfoundland Rigel, who reportedly barking alerted mariners ship Carpathia, and thus saved the passengers of one of the lifeboats. All of these stories were not confirmed, but the fact is that two or three small dogs (probably were Pekingese and Pomeranians) managed to get the owners to the hands of the lifeboat and finally reach New York.

Fortunately, the sinking ship are not currently common, but keep in mind that every day every day all over the world are killed in accidents not only people, but also their pets. In addition, there are even instances where a dog saves the expense of his life - the owner. We should appreciate their courage and devotion to the man! Checks are saying that a dog is man's best friend.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Medicine for dogs - oncology!

For human cancer is usually associated with the worst. Of course, cancer doesn’t have to mean a death sentence and because of increasingly advancing science and technology; detected in an early stage in the patient allows for complete recovery.

Basically, tumors can be divided into so-called benign tumors and malignant tumors. Differences between the two processes consists, inter alia, on the fact that non-malignant tumors grow relatively slowly and are often clearly demarcated from the surrounding tissue so connective capsule. Don’t metastasize to other organs, and their effect on the body is relatively limited, primarily because of the location, deformation and oppression. Of course, even benign brain tumor may be a direct threat to human life because of the location such as in a hard box gland.

Today I would like to tell you about veterinary oncology. It's a huge field of medical knowledge and I'm not going to bore you the details of the various types of cancer. However, I will pay attention to the so-called racial predisposition to cancer incidence. All owners of Great Danes, St. Bernard and Irish greyhounds should be aware that their dogs may develop bone cancer. If the process is to apply early and limb bones is the only effective treatment is immediate amputation of diseased feet. Animals tolerate it well and do well on three legs. Sarcoma, fibrosarcoma, and sarcomas are found mainly in the Golden and Labrador retrievers and boxers. Belgian Sheepdogs quite often succumb to gastric cancer. Of course, all of these tumors may also occur in other breeds as well as hybrids.

It’s quite important to early detection and diagnosis of the tumor, which gives your dog the chance of full recovery! I think the health and lives of our pets is important, which is why I encourage you to perform regular surveys and respond quickly if the dog doesn’t feel good . Maybe it’s good to worry about. All tips will give you the local veterinarians.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Veterinary medicine

Everyone at least once in his life had a disease. Most of them are easily treated eg measles, rubella, influenza, etc. There are also more serious diseases such as cancer, AIDS, etc. The dogs are very similar to us and they also get sick. Anatomy of animals is different than human, so human doctor can’t treat dogs. Today I would like to write about science, which treats our pets.

Science that deals with animal diseases, prevention and protection of the people against animal diseases is veterinary medicine. The first historical records about the treatment of animals come from Mesopotamia. In ancient Greece, philosophy studied animals. Aristotle described a number of animal diseases such as rabies dogs. Hippocrates also did a lot of good for the basics of veterinary medicine. In Greece, was the first autopsy of animals. The first animal hospital was in India!

In the Middle Ages veterinary developed. There are many books, descriptions, observations, etc. In the Middle Ages the treatment of the animals concerned mainly sheep, cattle, horses, etc. People described sheep pox and various diseases of cattle.

The eighteenth century was a turning point. In France, in Lyon, set up the first veterinary school. In 1962 C. Bourgelat founded College of Veterinary Medicine. Very soon came new schools in Germany, Sweden and Denmark.

Currently Veterinary is a very important field of science. People are increasingly going to the vet with their best friends - dogs. Veterinary develops, our dogs have better health and live longer. More and more veterinary clinics and more and more young people want to study veterinary medicine.

I hope that this trend will continue to grow and dogs will be almost as good care as people!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Smart dogs!

Recently I wrote to you that learning and training dogs is like savoir vivre and it isn’t similar to human learning at universities. It isn’t 100% true. Dogs can understand a lot and they are very intelligent. For many years, scientists studying dogs and their intelligence capabilities. Professor Stanley Coren has created a ranking of dog breeds. Rank concerned intelligence. In the first place was the Border Collie breed.

Currently, probably the smartest dog in the world is female - Chaser. She remembers and understands more than 1,020 words! Researchers at Wofford College for many years trained this dog. They wanted to teach her the biggest number of words and names of things.
The training was simple. Scientists throwing her toy and learned the name of these toys. When Chaser understood and knew the word, they trying to teach her the next. Regularly checking whether the dog also remember all the words. Very often the Chaser had exams. The researchers chose 20 items, and spoke aloud their names. Chaser has passed about 900 such tests!

It’s an amazing achievement. Apparently, a man must have three years to know how to distinguish the 1000 words. Let us remember that! Our dogs very often understand what we say to them! I also want to have such a smart dog, so I also start to teach my dog according to these method.

Monday, March 4, 2013

School for dogs!

Education in human life is very important. Most people on the planet are taught in primary, secondary and then selects the more education at the University. A student who completes Harvard or Cambridge university has a good chance at a good job and respect in society.

Dogs are similar to humans. Of course, dogs are not as intelligent as humans, and can not learn what we do. The education of a dog it is important to learn certain principles, rules and standards. Education is more like a dog savoir vivre. This is the purpose built school for dogs. Around the world, these schools are becoming increasingly popular and more and more.

In these schools, dogs learn obedience, rules, tricks, etc. I think the most important is that in this school dogs learn not to attack humans! It is very important that we have a small child in the house and the dog. There is a situation that dogs are jealous and attack small children.

Training schools have various forms. Classes can be organized in groups (about 4-10 dogs) are also popular private lessons with a coach. Dog owners often participate in such training courses and classes that the effect was better. Learning time depends on our requirements. Sometimes only a few hours, the time required is a few weeks. The price depends on the country, school, time, and type of training.

Does every dog ​​needs school? I do not think. Large breed dogs as aggressive amstaff and pit-bull should be mandatory such training because they can be dangerous. If you have a small dog or mild as York, Chihuahua, we can train them ourselves. There are many different techniques that give good results and the dog learns quickly. A very effective method is to click & voice, but how I wrote home in the future.

 Small dogs may not be dangerous, but also like to dominate. Without learning, their behavior would be intolerable. Dogs bark when people eat dinner, like to sleep in a bed, etc. If we do not mind that there is no problem. If the dog is a nuisance and we can not change it, you might want to use the help of a professional trainer and send your pet to school.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Dogs help students to fight with stress!

Students from Canadian University in Halifax have an unusual chance to relax during the exam. Perhaps you will think that it’s silly and funny, but they really can enjoy a special "room with dogs", where they can play with the dog therapists. The popularity of this place provide a long queue that lined up on the first day of its operation.

The tutors from the university, says that the idea to open a special room fell into one of the students. The idea is to give students a stressful exams respite. The organizers, including remembering that a large proportion of students leave their dogs in the family home, they decided that in relaxation classes will participate dogs imported from outside. They have experience in therapeutic work and dealing previously with many unknown people. 

In the first week of students could play with the Dalmatian, Labrador retriever, Golden retriever and weighing more than 80 kg St. Bernard. At the university didn’t hung any posters informing about the action. Note about it appeared only on Facebook. Although it's the first class there are 500 applicants.

Whether the dogs actually help students combat stress, whether they are just another attraction sure we'll find out soon, when the university will conduct thorough research. Dogs have certainly calming effect on people. Remember that they often are used to work with autistic or disabled children and they are great in this role. The question is whether students actually after playing with the dog will be less stressed exams and whether it is beneficial to their learning outcomes. Time will show! What do you think about it? Isn’t a good idea?

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Jewelry for dogs!

People dream of luxury. Women love gold rings, diamonds, pearls and other precious stones. Men love gold watches. Jewelry companies have huge profits from the sale of luxury jewelry. As an example we can mention about a company called Trollbeads in Denmark. In Los Angeles there is a so-called Jewerly District. There are about 2,500 jewelry stores that generate profits about 2.5 billion a year! Jewelry companies offer  not only jewelry for men but also for dogs. An example would be a company - I Love Dogs.

Company I Love Dogs offer for example a luxurious necklace from the collection of  “La Collection de Bijoux''. This necklace is called - Amour Amour. This necklace is made of white gold and has around 1500-1600 diamonds. The largest of these diamonds has 7 carats. Closure of the collar is made of genuine leather crocodile. The price of this necklace is approximately 2 000 000 dollars! The company also offer cheaper types of necklaces. For example, the collar of emeralds for 900 000 dollars!

It’s very likely that I will never in my life have so much money. It’s also probably that any dog will appreciate this collar. Although a luxury for dogs is becoming more and more popular. Dogs have their nannies, go to yoga and learn in kindergarten. For example, young celebrity Paris Hilton recently built a home for their dogs for 350 000 dollars. It’s shown that the rich people don’t save their money and they want to give their pats as much they can!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Traveling with a dog

I guess it’s quite obviously for everyone that the dogs don’t tolerate a separation from their owner. He may try to consult with it in many ways: fasting, pulling out hair, asking the wounds.

So  it’s better for all to plan our longer trips with dog. Nowadays, there are plenty of resorts, hotels and other places of rest, where the owners and staff welcome our dog mile. So we shouldn’t have any problem with finding a place for themselves. Additional requirements for travel abroad will be discussed in the next post about a trip abroad.

If we find a place from our dreams for a trip you need to familiarize yourself with the rules that apply there. Each country has different rules. Even the countries of the European Union doesn’t have uniform rules. Much depends on the means of transport which will move. Getting acquainted with them may protect us from unpleasantness. When we choose the place of our vacation, you should find on the internet and save - address and phone number to the nearest veterinary clinic or vet.

The dog must also be prepared for the type and place of which we plan to go / stay. If you're going to spend that time actively (eg, cycling) you must take care of the condition of your family and your dog. It’s equally important to prepare your pet for the environment in which they will reside: for example - if we spent time in the big city, you can take the dog a few similar trips in your area to see how it reacts to noise, a large number of passers-by, etc.. If it turns out that the dog is having trouble adapting to the unusual situation, you may consult it with an experienced dog trainer or enroll for training.

When we are choosing the location of our vacation we should think about your pet preferences and customize a vacation to his tastes, if he likes to swim - we go to the lake, if he likes run - perhaps in the mountains ...

What should we bring? Vaccination booklet, muzzle, leash, blanket, toys, dog food supplies - if we know that there will not be the same. Before we take a trip we should go to the local vet to test and secure dog even before the ticks. In addition, you need to protect your dog - if he will be lost: you can use one of the available means of identification – for example: microchips.

Thus prepared pet for the journey may even get going with us to the farthest corner of the world!

Friday, February 15, 2013


Beauty treatments and grooming for dogs recently are very popular among owners of dogs. In the salons  the animals are subjected to beautification, not only before the exhibitions, but also to improve the everyday beauty. Grooming, combing, bathing, clipping dogs are some of the services offered by beauty salons for animals.

The price of treatment is influenced by breed of dog, the type and condition of coat and fantasy of owner or rather its requirements. Cost of care for a typical long-haired breeds (eg bobtail, cola etc.) are slightly higher than the other.

All the stores are trying to ensure the animals comfort, safety and health. Stores prepare race dogs by world standards. Daily outfits are made with specific objects of owners. Sometimes employees of salons are also involved to trimming nails, cleaning ears, removal of insects or giving advice treatments.

Clipping dog fur prevents tangle of coat, makes easier bathing, combing and improves ventilation of skin in summer. First of all, in addition to looking good and well-being of your dog. Before some treatments are often used relaxation massages. In addition, special cosmetics used during washing soften the hair and are tailored to the dog hair.

Certainly, beauty salons and dog grooming has a lot of enemies. Why? Many people think that hair coloring, making highlights, twirling curls or straighten hair it’s just too much and the bourgeoisie owners caused suffer of the animals. In my opinion, grooming is not a simple function, so we should entrust that professionals. What’s more, we should think not about our whims, but about welfare of animals.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Dog food

Choosing a good dry dog food isn’t as easy as it may seem. Most of the dry feed is produced from corn and other plants. However, cats and dogs are carnivores and they should be fed a diet whose main ingredient is meat. Meat proteins are more easily absorbed by the body of animals, have a much better quality than plant proteins and contains more amino acids necessary to our pet.

So  why food is produced from vegetable protein? The answer is obvious! In animal diets we can find cereals because they are cheaper than meat and hold the ground together and not because they are a suitable food for carnivores. If food is to include cereals, we need to ensure that they are whole grains. Meat and fats should be identified by species. If it’s not specified, the quality of the meat can’t be estimated.

Choosing a dog food - in particular, we should avoid: products of unknown origin, foods high in preservatives, artificial colors and sweeteners and containing meat of unknown origin. Unfortunately, these substances can cause an allergic reaction in your pet. Also remember to carefully read the label and check the expiration date of products!

As you can see choosing the right food for your dog is just as important as in the case of man. Concerned about the health and well-being pet food should choose the highest quality. Often, the high price is an indicator of good quality food. It should consult with your veterinarian choose food that is sure to recommend us to appropriate food for your dog in terms of race, age, or health status. 

What about you? Do you buy well known, widely advertised foods and treats for pets? What are your experiences?

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Dogs in the police!

The police care about our safety every day in every country in the world. Their work is very heavy. Smugglers and drug dealers are getting smarter. The criminals are more organized. The police must be very efficient, so in the police all over the world are used dogs.

Dogs are able to work even harder than men. Very often perform very responsible action and help the police  in work. Most dogs are used to track signs, because they have a very sensitive sense of smell. They often hunt fugitives, looking for missing people or detect hidden drugs. Dogs looking for people in the dense forests too. Dogs also save lives in the mountains (for example: after avalanche) or serve as a lifeguards because they can great swim.

In the police are mostly German Shepherds. They are very bright, large and smooth dogs. These animals must have a very good sense of smell and survive very long workout. Competition is high. It is very important that the police haven’t grown animals. These dogs come from private owners. After completing a long training and get a certificate may serve in the police force.

I admire dogs for their work. Each of us watched the series '' Inspector Rex’’. This series, of course, doesn’t  show an actual working police dogs, but show something else. We see tremendous physical fitness and intelligence, which have every police dog. In addition, we  should pay attention to the dog's acting ability.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Dogs love classical music!

Is it true that dogs like to listen to music? The answer is'' yes''. It is possible that every dog likes different music and it depends on his preference. Today I’ll present you  interesting study of American scientists.

Researchers from the University of California conducted a study. They wanted to explore the impact of music on the behavior of dogs in the shelter. Scientists turned on every type of music for about one hour and watched the behavior of dogs every few minutes. Best results gave classical music, hard metal gave the worst effects.

Classical music(for example music by Vivaldi or Beethoven) calmed dogs and gave them a sense of security. A very positive effect gave a harp sounds. Metal music, which is very energetic, loud induce anxiety in dogs.

Studies’ll be continue in the future. It’s possible that the appropriate music’ll be very helpful in the clinic for animals. Sometimes anesthesia isn’t  possible, so people looking for other solutions. Such a solution may be just the music

Monday, February 4, 2013

Dogs in the White House

Is it true that dogs improve the image? "Of course" - it's an asnwer of marketing experts. When a politician has a dog, it seems that he is more friendly and normal. That’s why dogs always lived in the White House.

Dogs accompanied by many U.S. presidents. George Washington had a hound. Third U.S. President Thomas Jefferson had a hound too. Author of phrase “evil empire'' Ronald Reagan had a terrier named Lucky.

Other examples are, of course, President Bill Clinton, who had a Labrador. Two Scottish terriers lived in the White House together with President George Bush. Also, the current president Barack Obama adopted a dog from a shelter.

Barack Obama with family and dog.

Dogs in the White House have a luxurious life. They often have their own rooms, their cleaners, chefs, nutritionists and doctors. President’s dogs have great benefits. These dogs are often spoiled and obey only their owners. For example, George Bush's dog bites firmly a reporter. This Journalist needed a President’s doctor. Unfortunately cases of bites occur more frequently , but they are not as spectacular.

Noteworthy is President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. He had a small Scottish terrier named Fala. He took the dog with him everywhere. Fala was with Roosevelt at all the important discussions ad conference. In Washington is a monument, that shows President Roosevelt along with the dog.

Monument of President Roosevelt and his dog.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Winter: clothes for dogs!

Very smart winter coat for dog. Is it really warm?

Winter is a time when we should especially take care of our pets. Freezing temperatures, frost, snow and strong wind hinder not only us, but also our dogs. Long walks in cold weather certainly doesn’t belong to favorite activities of our pets. Undoubtedly, during the winter shops offering clothes for dogs come to us with the help.

Dog clothing is not just a whim of the rich, bourgeois, trendy people who want to their dogs will be similar to the well-dressed owner. In winter dog clothes especially for shorthaired breeds of dogs is a must.

Today, dog clothes certainly its price and panache matched to human clothes. Each of us can order your pet individually matched to the size and appearance of race outfit. Some owners just plain one-color sweater to have a clear conscience in the winter and goes outside with the dog. I agree with it. Others want for their dogs the very best and most expensive clothes to make an impression on their friends or crowd. The dog certainly doesn’t matter whether the color and fashion of clothes – they counts only comfort and warm material. Also winter dog booties  to protect feet of dogs from cold and snow are very popular. Probably not many of you know, the long walks in the cold and snow can cause serious health consequences pooch as inflammation, degeneration and wound healing. I'm sure all of us would like to avoid that.

I think the best clothes choice in winter. Maybe not the most trendy and beautiful, but very warm.
In recent years market offer of clothes for dogs is extremely rich. Here are a few suggestions of clothes for our pets for the winter.
Very warm and convenient shoes for dogs.


Nice, pink jumper for our pet.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Hachiko from Japan!

Everyone knows that dogs are our best friends. Today I will tell you a very touching  story. This is a story about a Japanese dog Hachiko one of the most faithful dogs in history.

The owner of Hachiko was professor at the University of Tokyo. Every day dog walked with his owner to the station and waited all day until he comes back. One day the professor died at work. Hachiko didn’t understand this and every day waited for his owner.

People tried to take the dog to his house, but he always ran away and returned to the station. Hachiko waited faithfully  10 years for his owner. He died because he had heart disease. He became a true legend. People came to see a faithful dog  and was very sorry for him. At the station erected a bronze statue of Hachiko .

A few decades later people created the film about Hachiko. The writers created the book and painters painted images with the image of famous dog. I always choked when I recall the story. This story shows big devotion and love. In my opinion, dogs are much more accurate than humans, so  please 
let's take care of our pets!