Saturday, April 27, 2013

Dogs in the fashion world

fot. William Wegman

A few days ago the media published photos of the latest collection of the Swedish fashion brand - Acne Studios. Of course, my blog isn’t dedicated to fashion, but at the pictures which promote well-known brand were surprisingly not models, but the dogs. Is that an exaggeration? Certainly, the advertising campaign will be remembered for years to come because of the unusual models. The question is whether using of defenseless animals to promote a product, in this case it was necessary?

William Wegman - author of the photographs created for Acne Studios seven portraits depicting dogs in outfits from the latest collection of the Swedish brand. Dogs present such suits, shoes, hats and other accessories. Although this isn’t the first such campaign, but portals emphasize the artistry of fashion images. They say that dogs - pointers Weimar in every picture look like dandies of fashion world.

fot. William Wegman

I’m not sure that dogs were happy wearing this clothes. What’s more, for me – dogs could be replaced with human models. Judge for yourself. Btw, I fall in love in this breed of dogs, I will write about them as soon as possible.

fot. William Wegman

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