Thursday, March 28, 2013

Dogs on board of the Titanic

Each of us have heard about the history of the ship'' Titanic'', even in one of the most successful movies in the world with the same title. Only few of us, however, know that the luxury ship sailed not only humans, but also dogs! At the time of the tragic collision with the iceberg, on board of Titanic was in addition to the more than 2,200 passengers and 12 dogs.

Dogs on the Titanic were among the passengers of the first class, because only they were allowed to enter them on board. Most of them were purebred dogs and some were even insured. With photos and reports of rescued passengers know that on the Titanic traveling: poodle, terrier, French bulldog, Airedale terrier, dog German, two King Charles spaniels and two Pomeranians and Pekingese. Small dogs remained with the owners of the cabins and the others were kept in pens.

Several times a day the members of the crew were putting animals on the promenade deck. The dog parade so appealed to passengers that specifically went out on deck to watch them. On Monday April 15 was planned dogs exhibition.

When the night of 14 to 15 April 1912, people in panic, leaving the ship, even if the dogs accompanied them, had no chance to survive in the frigid waters of the ocean. About the fate of the little known, but circulating on this topic many legends. One of the sailors of Titanic was supposed to release dogs from their cages when the ship sank. On the other hand, one of the passengers had refused to descend to a lifeboat without her Great Dane. Also told that someone saw the frozen body of one of the passengers, which included his beloved dog. Rumor also passed down the story of Newfoundland Rigel, who reportedly barking alerted mariners ship Carpathia, and thus saved the passengers of one of the lifeboats. All of these stories were not confirmed, but the fact is that two or three small dogs (probably were Pekingese and Pomeranians) managed to get the owners to the hands of the lifeboat and finally reach New York.

Fortunately, the sinking ship are not currently common, but keep in mind that every day every day all over the world are killed in accidents not only people, but also their pets. In addition, there are even instances where a dog saves the expense of his life - the owner. We should appreciate their courage and devotion to the man! Checks are saying that a dog is man's best friend.

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