Saturday, February 9, 2013

Dogs in the police!

The police care about our safety every day in every country in the world. Their work is very heavy. Smugglers and drug dealers are getting smarter. The criminals are more organized. The police must be very efficient, so in the police all over the world are used dogs.

Dogs are able to work even harder than men. Very often perform very responsible action and help the police  in work. Most dogs are used to track signs, because they have a very sensitive sense of smell. They often hunt fugitives, looking for missing people or detect hidden drugs. Dogs looking for people in the dense forests too. Dogs also save lives in the mountains (for example: after avalanche) or serve as a lifeguards because they can great swim.

In the police are mostly German Shepherds. They are very bright, large and smooth dogs. These animals must have a very good sense of smell and survive very long workout. Competition is high. It is very important that the police haven’t grown animals. These dogs come from private owners. After completing a long training and get a certificate may serve in the police force.

I admire dogs for their work. Each of us watched the series '' Inspector Rex’’. This series, of course, doesn’t  show an actual working police dogs, but show something else. We see tremendous physical fitness and intelligence, which have every police dog. In addition, we  should pay attention to the dog's acting ability.

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