Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Dogs help students to fight with stress!

Students from Canadian University in Halifax have an unusual chance to relax during the exam. Perhaps you will think that it’s silly and funny, but they really can enjoy a special "room with dogs", where they can play with the dog therapists. The popularity of this place provide a long queue that lined up on the first day of its operation.

The tutors from the university, says that the idea to open a special room fell into one of the students. The idea is to give students a stressful exams respite. The organizers, including remembering that a large proportion of students leave their dogs in the family home, they decided that in relaxation classes will participate dogs imported from outside. They have experience in therapeutic work and dealing previously with many unknown people. 

In the first week of students could play with the Dalmatian, Labrador retriever, Golden retriever and weighing more than 80 kg St. Bernard. At the university didn’t hung any posters informing about the action. Note about it appeared only on Facebook. Although it's the first class there are 500 applicants.

Whether the dogs actually help students combat stress, whether they are just another attraction sure we'll find out soon, when the university will conduct thorough research. Dogs have certainly calming effect on people. Remember that they often are used to work with autistic or disabled children and they are great in this role. The question is whether students actually after playing with the dog will be less stressed exams and whether it is beneficial to their learning outcomes. Time will show! What do you think about it? Isn’t a good idea?

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