Sunday, March 31, 2013

How to become a vet?

I wrote to you a lot about veterinary medicine. But it’s worth to consider is it worth to be a veterinarian? The common opinion is that these studies are very heavy, like medicine.

In Poland, to be a vet, you need to graduate from 5.5 years studies. Until recently, you could only do it at 6 universities, but more and more colleges introduces a new field of study-veterinary medicine. Starting this year, you can even study veterinary medicine at the Jagiellonian University - the most famous Polish University.
The world situation is similar, veterinary studies are very difficult to study and the recruitment process  is very demanding. In the United States there are 28 accredited veterinary schools and quite possibly, it's harder to be accepted than the medicine. However, it also created new faculties of medicine which give opportunities to find college. I once dreamed to study veterinary medicine at Harvard, but unfortunately I didn’t succeed.

Each country offer opportunities to become a veterinarian. In England, students can learn veterinary for example: at the University of Cambridge or in the Liverpool, in Scotland at the University of Glasgow, in Ireland at the University of Dublin, in Germany, at the University of Berlin. These are of course examples - and if you want more information please contact me.

It’s correctly that veterinary medicine is growing. Animals (including dogs) are in highly developed countries members of family and they need doctors! It's important  not to overdo it and don’t  make the elite veterinary direction into further studies for the unemployed.

If someone loves animals and wants to tie his future is with the treatment of animals, must be prepared to study hard and demanding, but it’s worth it! The vet is a well paid job and you can earn a lot. Of course, it all depends on where you will work and which country, but at least as long as the lack of job offers are not going to complain. Market needs veterinary graduates.

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