Sunday, February 17, 2013

Traveling with a dog

I guess it’s quite obviously for everyone that the dogs don’t tolerate a separation from their owner. He may try to consult with it in many ways: fasting, pulling out hair, asking the wounds.

So  it’s better for all to plan our longer trips with dog. Nowadays, there are plenty of resorts, hotels and other places of rest, where the owners and staff welcome our dog mile. So we shouldn’t have any problem with finding a place for themselves. Additional requirements for travel abroad will be discussed in the next post about a trip abroad.

If we find a place from our dreams for a trip you need to familiarize yourself with the rules that apply there. Each country has different rules. Even the countries of the European Union doesn’t have uniform rules. Much depends on the means of transport which will move. Getting acquainted with them may protect us from unpleasantness. When we choose the place of our vacation, you should find on the internet and save - address and phone number to the nearest veterinary clinic or vet.

The dog must also be prepared for the type and place of which we plan to go / stay. If you're going to spend that time actively (eg, cycling) you must take care of the condition of your family and your dog. It’s equally important to prepare your pet for the environment in which they will reside: for example - if we spent time in the big city, you can take the dog a few similar trips in your area to see how it reacts to noise, a large number of passers-by, etc.. If it turns out that the dog is having trouble adapting to the unusual situation, you may consult it with an experienced dog trainer or enroll for training.

When we are choosing the location of our vacation we should think about your pet preferences and customize a vacation to his tastes, if he likes to swim - we go to the lake, if he likes run - perhaps in the mountains ...

What should we bring? Vaccination booklet, muzzle, leash, blanket, toys, dog food supplies - if we know that there will not be the same. Before we take a trip we should go to the local vet to test and secure dog even before the ticks. In addition, you need to protect your dog - if he will be lost: you can use one of the available means of identification – for example: microchips.

Thus prepared pet for the journey may even get going with us to the farthest corner of the world!

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