Sunday, September 30, 2012


Dalmatians are bold, alert and balanced dogs. They are very attached to their family members, and have a very good mood in the company of children. They are active and sociable. They love long walks.

These dogs in medieval Dalmatia were used as racing and later - in the seventeenth century as a defense. In the eighteenth century, were brought to Britain during the Victorian reached a peak of popularity. Before they arrived in England, took a long trip through the Mediterranean countries, where they hit of Dalmatia.

Their colour is pure white with black or brown round spots of color. They appear in about two weeks after born, because puppies born white. Spot diameter is about 20-30 millimeters. The spots on the head, face, ears, legs, tail and extreme parts of the body should be smaller than in other parts of the body. Nose black spotted dogs should be black, with brown patches always chocolate. Eyes white dog with black spots can be black, blue or brown, and brown-spotted dogs yellow or brown and may be too blue. The coat is short, hard, dense and compact.

Dalmatians shed a lot of hair, during moulting (spring and autumn) it is necessary to combing the hair once a day for about 10 minutes. Common health problems: urate stones, deafness, juvenile nephropathy, turn the stomach. The life expectancy of this breed is about 14-17 years.

Dalmatians were vary famous because of fame Walt Disney’s film "101 Dalmatians". They conquered the heart of not just children, but also adults. The Adventures of Dalmatians still are one of the most watched children's cartoons.


Saturday, September 29, 2012

Clothes for dogs

For many years dog’s clothes are very popular all over the world. At the beginning only rich owners of small dogs followed the trend. Today's clothes are sewn for every budget, not only for purebred dogs.

Shops are full of offers, more and more varied clothes. Suits, fur, dresses, sweaters, pants and hats are just some of the suggestions that we can find in the market. Forpets are also prepared occasional clothes.

For some  people fashion about the dog only causes a smile on his lips and is regarded as an unnecessary fad, for some owners dog is another member of the family, so investment in his clothing shouldn’t suprise.

Do you like the idea of tuning dogs? What do you think of the pictures below?

Yorkshire Terrier

This breed is belong to terrier group. They weigh up to 5 kilograms. Yorkshire terierrs have been  formed in the mid-nineteenth century. Their task was to extermination of mice and rats in the home of poor artisans and  workers. Their ancestors could be a Maltese, Dandie Dinmont Terrier, Clydesdale Terrier and Skye Terrier. They were grown in the county of Yorkshire, in the north of Great Britain, as a result of crosses terriers.

Yorkshire terriers are dogs active and willing to play. They aren’t aggressive and they like the company of people and children. Yorkies don’t like loneliness, and they are so attached to their owners. There are jealous and some of them bark a lot.

The coat is dark steel and gold or silver and gold. The coat is silky, long, but curly hair are considered to corrugated fault.

An important issue in the care of these dogs hair is regular bathing and washing with special measures. Ears because of  hygiene and health reasons - need regular inspection, loose hair must be removed from their surroundings. Older dogs often suffer from the cataracts. A common health problem in the representatives of this race are remaining milk teeth, which (when they themselves don’t fall out) need to be removed after surgical treatment. Sometimes, yorkies have trouble with falling out kneecap arthritis, as well as the problems relate to the trachea.

To sum up, they are very cute and love to caress. I adore them! I will show you some photos of them, including a dog  belonging to my boyfriend.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Lhasa apso

Lhasa apso is definitely one of my favorite races, especially since this my friend’s,  small dog with a visited me at my home. That's why  I chose it to introduce first.

Lhasa apso dogs have very positive attitude towards people.  They don’t  like to be alone or tend to be jealous of other animals, as well as other members of the household. They need a lot of attention. They are cheerful and friendly. These dogs love to be pampered. They  Do don’t bark unnecessarily, so they are ideal for apartments in the block. They value independence, are  very courageous and don’t  avoid  contact with other dogs.

They are small in size, have long hair that can be cut to the desired  by us length. You can also use the services of a hairdresser and a dog will have a fashionable hairstyle. We can meet  individuals in every color of the hair - from white to black; the tan, spotted and striped.

Luxuriant coat requires regular maintenance. They suite well to keep at home, but  lhasa apso love walking and being on a huge space. We must remember about it!

History of lhasa apso is quite short. These dogs hit from Tibet to the islands by British officer Baley, who in 1928 brought few dogs. Lhasa apso is the name given already in the UK. The name derives from the Tibetan capital. They was a favorite of the aristocracy in the old Tibet and dogs sent as a gift to the United States.

Why they conquered my heart? In brief: charming appearance, loving disposition and sociable soul… 

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Hi, I decided to put a blog to share with you my biggest passion. It was very spontaneous decision, but I hope I won’t regret it. It isn’t difficult to guess that my first and true love are dogs. I will try to present you my favorite races. On my blog you will find pictures of dogs, breed descriptions, tips and curiosities. I’m short and very tiny woman, so I personally prefer small, cute dogs  with a friendly attitude. I want to create an unique collection of the most charming and adorable dogs in the world. I will be grateful if you could share with me some photos of your dogs. I’m not an expert, but my strength is in love to dogs.

It’s time to start …