Saturday, April 20, 2013

Miniature dogs

Miniature dogs look like toys, touch deeply or even raise a smile on people face. Seeing the little quadrupeds, many people forget that despite its small size, it’s still a dog. They are more prone to disease, easier to hurt and sometimes live less.

Many people looking for a small dog, but they aren’t aware that the popular miniature york or maltese, as a race, don’t exist. Unfortunately, the demand for the smallest dogs made that man for profit began experimenting with genetics. The human impact makes the subsequent litters of dogs can be born smaller and smaller. They are also genetically poorer. It’s often forgotten, too, that such experiments tragically affect not only the appearance of the breed (quality, or robe, and her coat), but also on the health of dogs. So before you decide on a specific breed, let's see how looks its normal pattern.

Although it’s fashionable, especially among celebrities wearing thumbnails on four legs in a coat pocket or purse cache, show friendly feelings of the smallest dogs in the world can end up being quite scary for them. Dogs are often weak and should not be propagated. Sometimes they are infertile. Experts often refer to them as "a hotbed of diseases" and the genetic defects that may appear even after several years. For the owners of such dogs may mean that they can expense a lot of money for a treatment of dog. Cancer, dysplasia, allergies, malocclusion... these are just some of them.

But we all know that the advantage of having a miniature dog may be the fact that it makes no problems when we are traveling. It doesn’t need a lot of space and the owners of hotels often agree on the presence of four-legged thumbnails in your property. The only problem may be that it tend to be noisier than the larger breeds. Their barking can really bother you, but at home they can be better than an alarm.

The most important is that they are the most charming and the cutest dogs in the world. They can seduce even people with the most hardened hearts!

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