Sunday, May 11, 2014

Yorkshire terrier - the best friend in the world!

Today I would like to show you pictures of my favourite dog in the world!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Beagle - small destroyers?

Each potential buyer Beagle, as well as long-term owner of this dog often met with the statement that it is very destructive race!

Beagle dogs are more powerful than the nature of their stature. This breed belongs to the group of hounds. Beagle hasn’t only cunning, endurance, intelligence, but also inexhaustible energy. As a hunting dog by nature and living in a pack doesn’t like the long hours of solitude. Unfortunately, as a rule, isn’t  for lonely people,  it loves a lot of work and  is very active.

Having a friend like this carries various implications and requirements. First of all they need a lot of traffic, and any occupation. These dogs don’t  like to idle. Every day it has to spend at least an hour in an active walk. If we treat it appropriately  they rewarded for their needs as best we can.

Being aware of the above, we are already half way to avoid unpleasant situations. Our pet should be trained regularly to remain alone in the house. Initially, leave it for 10 minutes, then lengthen the time segments, respectively. Coming out of the house to say goodbye to tenderly we do with this tragedy, not comforted by the dog, we just natural tones such as "home guard" and leave. We leave him toys or even the radio on to reduce the feeling of loneliness. Returning after an absence not welcome with the dog on the doorstep, but somehow let it cool down. It took a moment pat the dog for good behavior and give something as a reward. Key to the dog understands that he has to wait for us without anxiety.

We have to reckon with the fact that the dog is left in the house - even for 15 minutes, especially the young dog can destroy something. Once left for 5 hours will not touch anything, it will politely asleep. Another time - just 15 minutes enough to destroy everything as well as you won’t  know your own home.

So please be careful before you buy your own dog and tray to prepare for a lot of funny, amazing, but also annoying moments!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Toys for dogs!

The fact that the dog needs toys - especially the home dog shouldn’t  surprise anyone. Dogs who live in the home garden have a lot of traffic and their time is completed. But, home dogs are bored, they sleep more and still eat as much as no more like other dogs. Furthermore, such a dog that is bored at every opportunity when it can unload - do it. So he jumps on your guests and don’t know at this moderation.

An important thing that we should be guided in choosing the right toys is the age of the dog. Dog who jag need toys that will help him survive itching gums, without prejudice to the condition of our furniture. Discouraged are the toys used for so-called drag. They can have an effect on the deformation of a dog bite.

For older dogs definitely going to need durable toys. Adult dog has a strong bite and strong teeth, which in less than fifteen minutes cope with plush mascot. I also recommend toys which can put treats inside. Dog while rotating toys can bring them to the center, which encourages him to continue playing.

I’m adding some photos of toys for dogs. I’m very interesting, what is your favorite toy for dog and is your dog agree with you. I’m waiting for your comments.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Dogs in the fashion world

fot. William Wegman

A few days ago the media published photos of the latest collection of the Swedish fashion brand - Acne Studios. Of course, my blog isn’t dedicated to fashion, but at the pictures which promote well-known brand were surprisingly not models, but the dogs. Is that an exaggeration? Certainly, the advertising campaign will be remembered for years to come because of the unusual models. The question is whether using of defenseless animals to promote a product, in this case it was necessary?

William Wegman - author of the photographs created for Acne Studios seven portraits depicting dogs in outfits from the latest collection of the Swedish brand. Dogs present such suits, shoes, hats and other accessories. Although this isn’t the first such campaign, but portals emphasize the artistry of fashion images. They say that dogs - pointers Weimar in every picture look like dandies of fashion world.

fot. William Wegman

I’m not sure that dogs were happy wearing this clothes. What’s more, for me – dogs could be replaced with human models. Judge for yourself. Btw, I fall in love in this breed of dogs, I will write about them as soon as possible.

fot. William Wegman