Friday, December 28, 2012

Scottish Shepherd

This breed comes from Scotland. Dogs similar to modern Scottish shepherds were there in the fifteenth century. These dogs have traditionally been crossed  with the setters. For the first time a Scottish shepherd in present form was introduced in England in Birmingham. Then they were black dogs, then were popular in sable and marble color.
Collie has gained immense popularity through a series of films “Lassie Come Home”. Lassie role was played by several dogs. The first one was named Pal.

Features, design, care:
Scottish Shepherd dogs are very gentle, non-aggressive. They are energetic and funny. However, they are wary of strangers. They need a lot of traffic and a lot of space. They become attached to their owners very quickly, they shouldn’t remain alone for a long time.
Scottish Shepherd dogs are resistant to low temperatures. They are ideal guardians and pastoral dogs. They have a narrow head, long tail, long body. Hair is strong and hard. Their fur is long, thick and hearty. They come in different colors: black, white, marble, swarthy, etc.
For dog looked strikingly regular maintenance is needed. It’s important to ensure that the Scottish Shepherds  have large amount of movement (walking, playing, etc.). Often they have cancer of the bone and gingival hyperplasia or eye disease.

Scottish shepherds are very smart dogs. They learn very quickly and don’t require very restrictive dressage, unlike some breeds of dogs aren’t aggressive. These are great dogs for games like Frisbee etc.
Like any other dog, they need a lot of love and attention. Scottish shepherd dog will quickly learn commands and games when they receive appropriate rewards. These are big dogs so they must be taught certain behaviors when they are very small!

I would recommend this breed of dog for people who enjoy an active lifestyle. These dogs feel perfectly at home with a large garden. They require a lot of care, but they  love people. The dog may be in the company of children and also is the best friend for old people!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Images of dogs like Dachshunds appeared on walls in ancient Egypt. Stone and clay figurines also was recovered in Mexico and Greece. Some say that the dachshund is from Germany. There are many other theories that describe the creation of a dachshund but it's hard to find the only true.

Undoubtedly, the first dachshund was natural-haired but their hair is wasn’t properly protected against the cold. People decided to cross the spaniel and short-haired dachshund long-haired dachshund  was created. The first long-haired dachshund was in Germany in Bavaria in the nineteenth century. The last type is a wirehaired dachshund, who was very popular in Europe. Currently dachshund is one of the most popular dogs in the world.

Appearance and characteristics:
Standard Dachshund should weigh 6-9 pounds and be up to 30cm in height. Miniature dachshunds are obviously smaller. These dogs live about 12-15 years. The colors are very different. They have an elongated nose and body and short legs. Dachshunds have a poor sense of smell because they have relatively few olfactory cells.
Dachshunds eat little, are stubborn and busy. They are small dogs but bark very loud. Like most dogs – they are loyal and faithful. Apparently dachshunds are great hunters and are ideal for hunting. Dachshunds can’t walk down the stairs, must be lifted by a man. These dogs are indiscriminate and intelligent.

Education, education, training:
Dachshunds are very smart, but very stubborn. They unfortunately learn slowly and you can start training them until about 6 months. Dachshund dogs are dominant, so they should be taught that they are the most important in the world. These dogs learn new commands, but often they aren’t willing to do.
Learning of dachshunds can’t rely on shouting. Like any dog they ​​learn faster when a person uses a system of rewards and penalties light. We should never use violence against dogs. Personally, I recommend a treat as a reward. As a punishment ideal  is voice command and using of a water pistol.

Dachshunds are very nice dogs and they are always very grateful for the care their owners. They like to dig, so you often walk with them in the park, garden, etc. They are ideal dogs for the elderly and young. Learning and training is essential in these dogs. In other case - dachshund always tries to dominate the house and be the most important.

Saturday, December 22, 2012


Today I would like to present you Chihuahua  – for some people the sweetest dog in the world!

The origin of this little dog is very vague. There are many legends describing the origins of the breed. One theory claims that these dogs were bred in Mexico, another theory pointing to the Mayans, Aztecs and Spaniards. Another amusing theories say that
Chihuahua puppies resulting from the crossing of a squirrel dog or the prairie dog.
All these legends definitely have some truth. The dog in its present form is the North American race. Americans have created a culture and pattern of this dog, also there was the first club of breeders.
Appearance and temperament:
As I already mentioned - the
Chihuahua is small in size. Their height should be between 17-24 centimeters and a weight of 2.6 kilogram. There are two varieties of Chihuahua: short-and long-haired. Currently, more grown long-haired variety. This is due to the fact that Chihuahuas are decorative dogs. Tails are of medium length, occur in many colors.
Chihuahua dogs are lively, intelligent and  have a great temperament. Despite the small size, they are very bold, confident, feisty and loyal. Because of these characteristics need to be supervised to ensure that the dog didn’t attack increased. Chihuahua is also jealous, it always want to be the center of attention. In my opinion, these are the perfect dogs for older people, because they require a lot of attention and time.
Education, training:
As I said they are very intelligent dogs and learn very quickly. You can easily learn them many tricks. The biggest problem is the science of purity. It may take a long time before they learn to pee outside, but be consistent. For this race I would not recommend schools and kindergartens for dogs. It’s too long for  them, they can miss the owner and cause big problems.
It’s very important to teach them to live with other dogs when they are small. When we raise them only with people, they are often aggressive towards other dogs. Chihuahua dogs learn faster when they feel human love and affection. It’s necessary to look after and care - then for sure we return the favor.

Chihuahua dogs are perfect for caring people with a lot of the time. They are very delicate so they are not suitable for small children. Also remember to buy them clothes for the winter. Very important is also training, because their temperament is similar to terriers. Chihuahua is a road race, but well worth the money. I recommend it! I hope that maybe I’ll get this cute little dog as a Christmas gift from my boyfriend!

Thursday, December 6, 2012


Hi! I would like to apologize for the long absence on blog and a lack of entries, but it was a very busy period for me. I will promise to change it! Winter is a special time when we really need warm and comfortable clothes for our dogs! Maybe it's a perfect gift for Christmas! I will show you my favourite propositions as soon as possible! Bye!