Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Veterinary medicine

Everyone at least once in his life had a disease. Most of them are easily treated eg measles, rubella, influenza, etc. There are also more serious diseases such as cancer, AIDS, etc. The dogs are very similar to us and they also get sick. Anatomy of animals is different than human, so human doctor can’t treat dogs. Today I would like to write about science, which treats our pets.

Science that deals with animal diseases, prevention and protection of the people against animal diseases is veterinary medicine. The first historical records about the treatment of animals come from Mesopotamia. In ancient Greece, philosophy studied animals. Aristotle described a number of animal diseases such as rabies dogs. Hippocrates also did a lot of good for the basics of veterinary medicine. In Greece, was the first autopsy of animals. The first animal hospital was in India!

In the Middle Ages veterinary developed. There are many books, descriptions, observations, etc. In the Middle Ages the treatment of the animals concerned mainly sheep, cattle, horses, etc. People described sheep pox and various diseases of cattle.

The eighteenth century was a turning point. In France, in Lyon, set up the first veterinary school. In 1962 C. Bourgelat founded College of Veterinary Medicine. Very soon came new schools in Germany, Sweden and Denmark.

Currently Veterinary is a very important field of science. People are increasingly going to the vet with their best friends - dogs. Veterinary develops, our dogs have better health and live longer. More and more veterinary clinics and more and more young people want to study veterinary medicine.

I hope that this trend will continue to grow and dogs will be almost as good care as people!

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