Monday, March 4, 2013

School for dogs!

Education in human life is very important. Most people on the planet are taught in primary, secondary and then selects the more education at the University. A student who completes Harvard or Cambridge university has a good chance at a good job and respect in society.

Dogs are similar to humans. Of course, dogs are not as intelligent as humans, and can not learn what we do. The education of a dog it is important to learn certain principles, rules and standards. Education is more like a dog savoir vivre. This is the purpose built school for dogs. Around the world, these schools are becoming increasingly popular and more and more.

In these schools, dogs learn obedience, rules, tricks, etc. I think the most important is that in this school dogs learn not to attack humans! It is very important that we have a small child in the house and the dog. There is a situation that dogs are jealous and attack small children.

Training schools have various forms. Classes can be organized in groups (about 4-10 dogs) are also popular private lessons with a coach. Dog owners often participate in such training courses and classes that the effect was better. Learning time depends on our requirements. Sometimes only a few hours, the time required is a few weeks. The price depends on the country, school, time, and type of training.

Does every dog ​​needs school? I do not think. Large breed dogs as aggressive amstaff and pit-bull should be mandatory such training because they can be dangerous. If you have a small dog or mild as York, Chihuahua, we can train them ourselves. There are many different techniques that give good results and the dog learns quickly. A very effective method is to click & voice, but how I wrote home in the future.

 Small dogs may not be dangerous, but also like to dominate. Without learning, their behavior would be intolerable. Dogs bark when people eat dinner, like to sleep in a bed, etc. If we do not mind that there is no problem. If the dog is a nuisance and we can not change it, you might want to use the help of a professional trainer and send your pet to school.

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