Friday, March 8, 2013

Smart dogs!

Recently I wrote to you that learning and training dogs is like savoir vivre and it isn’t similar to human learning at universities. It isn’t 100% true. Dogs can understand a lot and they are very intelligent. For many years, scientists studying dogs and their intelligence capabilities. Professor Stanley Coren has created a ranking of dog breeds. Rank concerned intelligence. In the first place was the Border Collie breed.

Currently, probably the smartest dog in the world is female - Chaser. She remembers and understands more than 1,020 words! Researchers at Wofford College for many years trained this dog. They wanted to teach her the biggest number of words and names of things.
The training was simple. Scientists throwing her toy and learned the name of these toys. When Chaser understood and knew the word, they trying to teach her the next. Regularly checking whether the dog also remember all the words. Very often the Chaser had exams. The researchers chose 20 items, and spoke aloud their names. Chaser has passed about 900 such tests!

It’s an amazing achievement. Apparently, a man must have three years to know how to distinguish the 1000 words. Let us remember that! Our dogs very often understand what we say to them! I also want to have such a smart dog, so I also start to teach my dog according to these method.

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