Friday, February 15, 2013


Beauty treatments and grooming for dogs recently are very popular among owners of dogs. In the salons  the animals are subjected to beautification, not only before the exhibitions, but also to improve the everyday beauty. Grooming, combing, bathing, clipping dogs are some of the services offered by beauty salons for animals.

The price of treatment is influenced by breed of dog, the type and condition of coat and fantasy of owner or rather its requirements. Cost of care for a typical long-haired breeds (eg bobtail, cola etc.) are slightly higher than the other.

All the stores are trying to ensure the animals comfort, safety and health. Stores prepare race dogs by world standards. Daily outfits are made with specific objects of owners. Sometimes employees of salons are also involved to trimming nails, cleaning ears, removal of insects or giving advice treatments.

Clipping dog fur prevents tangle of coat, makes easier bathing, combing and improves ventilation of skin in summer. First of all, in addition to looking good and well-being of your dog. Before some treatments are often used relaxation massages. In addition, special cosmetics used during washing soften the hair and are tailored to the dog hair.

Certainly, beauty salons and dog grooming has a lot of enemies. Why? Many people think that hair coloring, making highlights, twirling curls or straighten hair it’s just too much and the bourgeoisie owners caused suffer of the animals. In my opinion, grooming is not a simple function, so we should entrust that professionals. What’s more, we should think not about our whims, but about welfare of animals.

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