Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Medicine for dogs - oncology!

For human cancer is usually associated with the worst. Of course, cancer doesn’t have to mean a death sentence and because of increasingly advancing science and technology; detected in an early stage in the patient allows for complete recovery.

Basically, tumors can be divided into so-called benign tumors and malignant tumors. Differences between the two processes consists, inter alia, on the fact that non-malignant tumors grow relatively slowly and are often clearly demarcated from the surrounding tissue so connective capsule. Don’t metastasize to other organs, and their effect on the body is relatively limited, primarily because of the location, deformation and oppression. Of course, even benign brain tumor may be a direct threat to human life because of the location such as in a hard box gland.

Today I would like to tell you about veterinary oncology. It's a huge field of medical knowledge and I'm not going to bore you the details of the various types of cancer. However, I will pay attention to the so-called racial predisposition to cancer incidence. All owners of Great Danes, St. Bernard and Irish greyhounds should be aware that their dogs may develop bone cancer. If the process is to apply early and limb bones is the only effective treatment is immediate amputation of diseased feet. Animals tolerate it well and do well on three legs. Sarcoma, fibrosarcoma, and sarcomas are found mainly in the Golden and Labrador retrievers and boxers. Belgian Sheepdogs quite often succumb to gastric cancer. Of course, all of these tumors may also occur in other breeds as well as hybrids.

It’s quite important to early detection and diagnosis of the tumor, which gives your dog the chance of full recovery! I think the health and lives of our pets is important, which is why I encourage you to perform regular surveys and respond quickly if the dog doesn’t feel good . Maybe it’s good to worry about. All tips will give you the local veterinarians.

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