Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Beagle is one of the oldest breeds of hounds. The history of the smallest of the hounds isn’t entirely clear. We don’t know exactly where they’re ancestors came from. Some researchers believe that the beagle comes from ancient Greece, where he reached France. The second theory is that the ancient Romans in Britain - they found a hunting dog similar to a beagle. Hounds are one of the breeds of dogs, over the years related to the British royal court. Beagle had Elizabeth I, William III and George IV.

In the UK, Beagle Lovers Club was founded in 1895 and a few years later, these dogs have appeared in the United States. The most common representative of this breed of dog is "Snoopy" comic book character from the comic strip "Peanuts" (Peanuts). Beagle also had U.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson.

Beagle is very docile and obedient, but a little stubborn. It’s still used for hunting rabbits and hares. Beagle is now primarily a family dog as man's faithful companion. Excellent nose beagle is our only problem, paradoxically, when we decide to keep it as a family dog (home). Please note that if the beagle encounters an interesting scent, such as rat, rabbit or shopping neighbor took nose to the ground and will follow the trail, and rarely can be appealed. 

Beagle easily adapts to life in the family. This dog is calm, loyal and friendly. It’s social and there are no major problems in dealing with strangers, which, however, advertises, giving a loud voice. Beagle is also sociable and tolerant towards other dogs. The dog usually don’t accept, however, other animals, especially small ones. Problem may be keeping beagle with a cat, and a total disaster will tandem beagle + mouse, guinea pig or a hamster. All of these small animals are likely to quickly become a tasty snack for the beagle.

Beagle characteristic is the lack of any kind of aggression, it is so perfect companion for children, which is significantly tireless companion, taking part in all of their dealings. It’s cheerful, affectionate, loves to play and adapt to any situation, but also easily offended and do not forget injuries. Beagle is very greedy and should always control the amount of food eaten by the dog, because the dog will consume any amount of food. 

This is a healthy breed of dog, but they can suffer from infections or weakening of the immune system and disease as a result of genetic factors. Due to the long, hanging ears, beagles are prone to bacterial or fungal infections of the parts of the body and require careful maintenance. 

Beagle may be the first dog in the family, but his upbringing isn’t quite so simple. From a young age to act consistently with it. It requires a lot of patience, and meaningful activities. The hardest trick is to learn beagle coming on command, because he still has a strong hunting instinct and his only passion is hunting. This dog doesn’t show the full readiness to obey. It’s an independent, self-reliant and has a tendency to vagrancy.

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