Monday, February 4, 2013

Dogs in the White House

Is it true that dogs improve the image? "Of course" - it's an asnwer of marketing experts. When a politician has a dog, it seems that he is more friendly and normal. That’s why dogs always lived in the White House.

Dogs accompanied by many U.S. presidents. George Washington had a hound. Third U.S. President Thomas Jefferson had a hound too. Author of phrase “evil empire'' Ronald Reagan had a terrier named Lucky.

Other examples are, of course, President Bill Clinton, who had a Labrador. Two Scottish terriers lived in the White House together with President George Bush. Also, the current president Barack Obama adopted a dog from a shelter.

Barack Obama with family and dog.

Dogs in the White House have a luxurious life. They often have their own rooms, their cleaners, chefs, nutritionists and doctors. President’s dogs have great benefits. These dogs are often spoiled and obey only their owners. For example, George Bush's dog bites firmly a reporter. This Journalist needed a President’s doctor. Unfortunately cases of bites occur more frequently , but they are not as spectacular.

Noteworthy is President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. He had a small Scottish terrier named Fala. He took the dog with him everywhere. Fala was with Roosevelt at all the important discussions ad conference. In Washington is a monument, that shows President Roosevelt along with the dog.

Monument of President Roosevelt and his dog.

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