Thursday, February 21, 2013

Jewelry for dogs!

People dream of luxury. Women love gold rings, diamonds, pearls and other precious stones. Men love gold watches. Jewelry companies have huge profits from the sale of luxury jewelry. As an example we can mention about a company called Trollbeads in Denmark. In Los Angeles there is a so-called Jewerly District. There are about 2,500 jewelry stores that generate profits about 2.5 billion a year! Jewelry companies offer  not only jewelry for men but also for dogs. An example would be a company - I Love Dogs.

Company I Love Dogs offer for example a luxurious necklace from the collection of  “La Collection de Bijoux''. This necklace is called - Amour Amour. This necklace is made of white gold and has around 1500-1600 diamonds. The largest of these diamonds has 7 carats. Closure of the collar is made of genuine leather crocodile. The price of this necklace is approximately 2 000 000 dollars! The company also offer cheaper types of necklaces. For example, the collar of emeralds for 900 000 dollars!

It’s very likely that I will never in my life have so much money. It’s also probably that any dog will appreciate this collar. Although a luxury for dogs is becoming more and more popular. Dogs have their nannies, go to yoga and learn in kindergarten. For example, young celebrity Paris Hilton recently built a home for their dogs for 350 000 dollars. It’s shown that the rich people don’t save their money and they want to give their pats as much they can!

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