Thursday, February 7, 2013

Dogs love classical music!

Is it true that dogs like to listen to music? The answer is'' yes''. It is possible that every dog likes different music and it depends on his preference. Today I’ll present you  interesting study of American scientists.

Researchers from the University of California conducted a study. They wanted to explore the impact of music on the behavior of dogs in the shelter. Scientists turned on every type of music for about one hour and watched the behavior of dogs every few minutes. Best results gave classical music, hard metal gave the worst effects.

Classical music(for example music by Vivaldi or Beethoven) calmed dogs and gave them a sense of security. A very positive effect gave a harp sounds. Metal music, which is very energetic, loud induce anxiety in dogs.

Studies’ll be continue in the future. It’s possible that the appropriate music’ll be very helpful in the clinic for animals. Sometimes anesthesia isn’t  possible, so people looking for other solutions. Such a solution may be just the music

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