Friday, February 1, 2013

Winter: clothes for dogs!

Very smart winter coat for dog. Is it really warm?

Winter is a time when we should especially take care of our pets. Freezing temperatures, frost, snow and strong wind hinder not only us, but also our dogs. Long walks in cold weather certainly doesn’t belong to favorite activities of our pets. Undoubtedly, during the winter shops offering clothes for dogs come to us with the help.

Dog clothing is not just a whim of the rich, bourgeois, trendy people who want to their dogs will be similar to the well-dressed owner. In winter dog clothes especially for shorthaired breeds of dogs is a must.

Today, dog clothes certainly its price and panache matched to human clothes. Each of us can order your pet individually matched to the size and appearance of race outfit. Some owners just plain one-color sweater to have a clear conscience in the winter and goes outside with the dog. I agree with it. Others want for their dogs the very best and most expensive clothes to make an impression on their friends or crowd. The dog certainly doesn’t matter whether the color and fashion of clothes – they counts only comfort and warm material. Also winter dog booties  to protect feet of dogs from cold and snow are very popular. Probably not many of you know, the long walks in the cold and snow can cause serious health consequences pooch as inflammation, degeneration and wound healing. I'm sure all of us would like to avoid that.

I think the best clothes choice in winter. Maybe not the most trendy and beautiful, but very warm.
In recent years market offer of clothes for dogs is extremely rich. Here are a few suggestions of clothes for our pets for the winter.
Very warm and convenient shoes for dogs.


Nice, pink jumper for our pet.


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