Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Hachiko from Japan!

Everyone knows that dogs are our best friends. Today I will tell you a very touching  story. This is a story about a Japanese dog Hachiko one of the most faithful dogs in history.

The owner of Hachiko was professor at the University of Tokyo. Every day dog walked with his owner to the station and waited all day until he comes back. One day the professor died at work. Hachiko didn’t understand this and every day waited for his owner.

People tried to take the dog to his house, but he always ran away and returned to the station. Hachiko waited faithfully  10 years for his owner. He died because he had heart disease. He became a true legend. People came to see a faithful dog  and was very sorry for him. At the station erected a bronze statue of Hachiko .

A few decades later people created the film about Hachiko. The writers created the book and painters painted images with the image of famous dog. I always choked when I recall the story. This story shows big devotion and love. In my opinion, dogs are much more accurate than humans, so  please 
let's take care of our pets!

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