Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Miniature Poodle

Origin: Poodles were the dogs the rulers and the poor people. They were especially popular in the nineteenth century. They enjoyed great popularity in the period of interwar. Poodle experienced a renaissance in the 60's and 70's.

The dog was formerly used for hunting, especially waterfowl, now it has mostly representative functions. There are poodles, which are well suited to work with the sick and disabled people. The dog are great for both: elderly and for young people.

Behaviour, character, education:
They are very sociable dogs and easily adapt to different conditions and lifestyle. They are implicitly tied to the owner, so often they feel in accordance with mood of their master. They are emotional, constantly demands the caresses and tender words. They don’t tolerate the absence of family members. Poodles are extremely intelligent, with unusual abilities to learn. They have strength for long years and always want to play.

Coat and colour:
Coat dense, woolly, curly fleece forming the comb uniform throughout the body. There is a rope robe, today forgotten, known only from descriptions and old engravings; requires proper twisting, which makes full of clothes and hang in long dreadlocks.

Colour: up to three of the original natural colors - white, black and brown, added silver, and later apricot (apricot). The color must be uniform, no white patches or spots!

Health care:
 Curly and thick poodle hair requires care. It‘s necessary to brush it at least once a week. We have to  bathe poodle usually once a month. It’s quite elegant dog, so he needs a haircut every 6 weeks. If you select the right type of hairstyle, keeping clothes poodle is very troublesome. What's important - no line!

Health: long-lived race, aging well, often more than 15 years of age. It’s rarely visited by a veterinarian. It’s particularly important as with all breeds to take care of oral hygiene to prevent the build-up of tartar and odor from the mouth.


  1. Poodle experienced a renaissance in the 60's and 70's. ...

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  4. Love the article. I would like to add that there are many Poodle puppies and dogs in rescues and shelters that need to be adopted. The link below includes 1000’s of these organizations in all 50 states.

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