Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Maltese - the little prince!

Maltese comes from the island of Melita. Later, they were known in Egypt, Greece and Rome. Several centuries later in France it was the most popular dog for the rich ladies. Today it
s a home and decorative dog. It’s very popular all over the world.
Maltese are small dogs. They are characterized by long white hair. This dogs are very delicate and sensitive, the increase is from about 20 to 25cm. Maltese is intelligent and alert dog. They have a lot of energy and they love human contact, so you must give them a lot of attention and time. These dogs aren’t aggressive, they are very friendly with children and other dogs. They are very obedient and quickly learn new things .. Maltese don’t like loneliness, they aren’t too noisy. These dogs love to play with a man. They need a lot of stroking and sensitivity. On average, they live about 14 years. Maltese weight from 3 to 4kg.
Maltese requires care. Dog grooming and bathing is necessary. Maltese must eat well, the owner should give him the right amount of vitamins to keep him healthy. You shouldn’t give the Maltese chocolate. In case of any doubt should go to the vet. He’ll always give us expert advice and explain how to take care of the dog. It’s important that the dog need  lots of running and walking to be in good shape.

Purchase and training:
Maltese prices are quite high. When we are buying a dog  it should be at least seven weeks after he was born, he should eat and walk alone. When you buy a dog from the kennel receive legal document that confirms dog vaccination and birth certificate.
At a time when our house will have a puppy, we need to give him time so that he could get used to, not only with people, but with their new surroundings. Maltese dogs are very intelligent and very eager to learn. Best place to start learning is about 5-6 months of age.
Maltese is a very happy dog. For every house Maltese introduces a lot of fun and smile. Unfortunately, these dogs hate loneliness and shouldn’t remain long alone. Remember that you must learn children i that the dog isn’t a toy, because Maltese is small delicate and easily can hurt.

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