Sunday, January 27, 2013

When a dog wags his tail ...

I asked some friends why do dogs wag their tail? They all said that dogs enjoy, are joyful etc. Of course my friends are right sometimes, but the researchers found that this isn’t always true.

Sometimes dog wags his tail, because he experienced two contradictory feelings. This reflex from childhood. Small puppy usually sucks breast milk with other dogs. He feels then hunger and discomfort. He moves his tail in a characteristic way to the right and left  to separate from the other puppies and has more space.

When adult  dog wags his tail  he can wants to come us but he’s afraid. Let me give a simple example. My dog wags his tail often, when I'm eating dinner. He wants to get the food, but he is anxious and afraid that I’ll not give him foods. He feels then conflicting feelings.

Tail wagging can mean frustration, impatience and fear. Every owner should it know. We must to be sympathetic to our pets and understand what they needs.

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