Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Cocker Spaniel - perfect friend!

A Brief History:
Cocker Spaniel is one of the oldest breeds in the world. Some sources say that similar dogs were already known in Carthage and in the seventh and eighth centuries were popular in Spain. In the eighteenth century spaniels were divided into 3 groups: Springer Spaniel, Water Spaniel and the Cocker Spaniel. For the eighteenth century their physical characteristics weren’t important. They were used to catch quails or pheasants.
In 1902 was founded the first club of Cocker Spaniel breed. Cocker spaniels are now known all over the world. These dogs are very nice and friendly. They are usually home dogs.

The nature of the breed:
They are very busy and happy dogs. They have a very gentle disposition.  They have predisposition to work in water. They have hunting skills and are great for hunting. These medium-sized dogs are friendly and they have different colors.
Cocker spaniels are very devoted to their owners. They have a lot of energy, love to spend time outdoors and are very jealous. They have specific fur, so we should comb and bathe they often. They bark a lot, are very intelligent and love children.  They protect our house from pests, catch flies, spiders and other insects. The correct height of the dog is about 40cm, the correct weight is about 40kg.

These dogs are very intelligent and very quickly learn. We should start to teach them from the sixth month of their life. We should be firm, but we couldn’t shout. It is worth to buy this dog a place to sleep and teach him to sleep in his lair. Cocker Spaniels are medium-sized dogs and can be a nuisance at night.
Cocker spaniels are gentle dogs and like to play with others. They may be bitten or attacked by another dog. We have to be careful because it's very jealous dog and want to always be the most important. Education is a personal matter of the dog owner, so I’ll not try to impose anything.

Cocker spaniels are ideal for apartments in the block. They love children, so they are an ideal friend for families! They require a lot of care and maintenance and don’t like to stay alone at home. Let's take care of these dogs and they’ll give back  - devotion and friendship !

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