Thursday, January 24, 2013

Snuppy- The first cloned dog

We all remember the famous event, when scientists cloned a sheep and named her Dolly. Today I would like to show you the first cloned dog.

 In 2005, scientists at Seoul National University cloned an Afghan hound puppy and received two clones. Unfortunately, one of them died of pneumonia quickly. The second puppy survived and was named Snuppy. His name came from the Seoul National University puppy.

Cloning was performed by cell nuclei, so the same way as in the case of Dolly the sheep. For unfertilized female egg cells, scientists introduced nuclei of skin cells. Researchers introduced developing embryos into the uterus of surrogate mothers. One of these females gave birth to Snuppy.

Snupy was not as popular as Dolly the sheep even though Snuppy definitely is a very famous dog. What do you think about cloning dogs? Does this make any sense? I look forward to your opinions.


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  2. Nice doggy!