Friday, December 28, 2012

Scottish Shepherd

This breed comes from Scotland. Dogs similar to modern Scottish shepherds were there in the fifteenth century. These dogs have traditionally been crossed  with the setters. For the first time a Scottish shepherd in present form was introduced in England in Birmingham. Then they were black dogs, then were popular in sable and marble color.
Collie has gained immense popularity through a series of films “Lassie Come Home”. Lassie role was played by several dogs. The first one was named Pal.

Features, design, care:
Scottish Shepherd dogs are very gentle, non-aggressive. They are energetic and funny. However, they are wary of strangers. They need a lot of traffic and a lot of space. They become attached to their owners very quickly, they shouldn’t remain alone for a long time.
Scottish Shepherd dogs are resistant to low temperatures. They are ideal guardians and pastoral dogs. They have a narrow head, long tail, long body. Hair is strong and hard. Their fur is long, thick and hearty. They come in different colors: black, white, marble, swarthy, etc.
For dog looked strikingly regular maintenance is needed. It’s important to ensure that the Scottish Shepherds  have large amount of movement (walking, playing, etc.). Often they have cancer of the bone and gingival hyperplasia or eye disease.

Scottish shepherds are very smart dogs. They learn very quickly and don’t require very restrictive dressage, unlike some breeds of dogs aren’t aggressive. These are great dogs for games like Frisbee etc.
Like any other dog, they need a lot of love and attention. Scottish shepherd dog will quickly learn commands and games when they receive appropriate rewards. These are big dogs so they must be taught certain behaviors when they are very small!

I would recommend this breed of dog for people who enjoy an active lifestyle. These dogs feel perfectly at home with a large garden. They require a lot of care, but they  love people. The dog may be in the company of children and also is the best friend for old people!

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