Saturday, December 22, 2012


Today I would like to present you Chihuahua  – for some people the sweetest dog in the world!

The origin of this little dog is very vague. There are many legends describing the origins of the breed. One theory claims that these dogs were bred in Mexico, another theory pointing to the Mayans, Aztecs and Spaniards. Another amusing theories say that
Chihuahua puppies resulting from the crossing of a squirrel dog or the prairie dog.
All these legends definitely have some truth. The dog in its present form is the North American race. Americans have created a culture and pattern of this dog, also there was the first club of breeders.
Appearance and temperament:
As I already mentioned - the
Chihuahua is small in size. Their height should be between 17-24 centimeters and a weight of 2.6 kilogram. There are two varieties of Chihuahua: short-and long-haired. Currently, more grown long-haired variety. This is due to the fact that Chihuahuas are decorative dogs. Tails are of medium length, occur in many colors.
Chihuahua dogs are lively, intelligent and  have a great temperament. Despite the small size, they are very bold, confident, feisty and loyal. Because of these characteristics need to be supervised to ensure that the dog didn’t attack increased. Chihuahua is also jealous, it always want to be the center of attention. In my opinion, these are the perfect dogs for older people, because they require a lot of attention and time.
Education, training:
As I said they are very intelligent dogs and learn very quickly. You can easily learn them many tricks. The biggest problem is the science of purity. It may take a long time before they learn to pee outside, but be consistent. For this race I would not recommend schools and kindergartens for dogs. It’s too long for  them, they can miss the owner and cause big problems.
It’s very important to teach them to live with other dogs when they are small. When we raise them only with people, they are often aggressive towards other dogs. Chihuahua dogs learn faster when they feel human love and affection. It’s necessary to look after and care - then for sure we return the favor.

Chihuahua dogs are perfect for caring people with a lot of the time. They are very delicate so they are not suitable for small children. Also remember to buy them clothes for the winter. Very important is also training, because their temperament is similar to terriers. Chihuahua is a road race, but well worth the money. I recommend it! I hope that maybe I’ll get this cute little dog as a Christmas gift from my boyfriend!

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