Friday, September 28, 2012

Lhasa apso

Lhasa apso is definitely one of my favorite races, especially since this my friend’s,  small dog with a visited me at my home. That's why  I chose it to introduce first.

Lhasa apso dogs have very positive attitude towards people.  They don’t  like to be alone or tend to be jealous of other animals, as well as other members of the household. They need a lot of attention. They are cheerful and friendly. These dogs love to be pampered. They  Do don’t bark unnecessarily, so they are ideal for apartments in the block. They value independence, are  very courageous and don’t  avoid  contact with other dogs.

They are small in size, have long hair that can be cut to the desired  by us length. You can also use the services of a hairdresser and a dog will have a fashionable hairstyle. We can meet  individuals in every color of the hair - from white to black; the tan, spotted and striped.

Luxuriant coat requires regular maintenance. They suite well to keep at home, but  lhasa apso love walking and being on a huge space. We must remember about it!

History of lhasa apso is quite short. These dogs hit from Tibet to the islands by British officer Baley, who in 1928 brought few dogs. Lhasa apso is the name given already in the UK. The name derives from the Tibetan capital. They was a favorite of the aristocracy in the old Tibet and dogs sent as a gift to the United States.

Why they conquered my heart? In brief: charming appearance, loving disposition and sociable soul… 

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