Sunday, September 30, 2012


Dalmatians are bold, alert and balanced dogs. They are very attached to their family members, and have a very good mood in the company of children. They are active and sociable. They love long walks.

These dogs in medieval Dalmatia were used as racing and later - in the seventeenth century as a defense. In the eighteenth century, were brought to Britain during the Victorian reached a peak of popularity. Before they arrived in England, took a long trip through the Mediterranean countries, where they hit of Dalmatia.

Their colour is pure white with black or brown round spots of color. They appear in about two weeks after born, because puppies born white. Spot diameter is about 20-30 millimeters. The spots on the head, face, ears, legs, tail and extreme parts of the body should be smaller than in other parts of the body. Nose black spotted dogs should be black, with brown patches always chocolate. Eyes white dog with black spots can be black, blue or brown, and brown-spotted dogs yellow or brown and may be too blue. The coat is short, hard, dense and compact.

Dalmatians shed a lot of hair, during moulting (spring and autumn) it is necessary to combing the hair once a day for about 10 minutes. Common health problems: urate stones, deafness, juvenile nephropathy, turn the stomach. The life expectancy of this breed is about 14-17 years.

Dalmatians were vary famous because of fame Walt Disney’s film "101 Dalmatians". They conquered the heart of not just children, but also adults. The Adventures of Dalmatians still are one of the most watched children's cartoons.


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